La Fumisterie


The divers (Les plongeurs)

You appeared one day in this french town of Fécamp
called for a deadly project
that will break down the heart of the sea
and you brought life to us

You came to inquire deep into the sea
surching for old bombs
in order to install a new bigger one.
It is how the foolish mankind goes.

In centuries, divers from other species
will have to detect tremendous wind mill’s bar
wondering what’the hell they are doing here.
It is how humanity goes on.

You came into our Fumist place
you ate codballs, burgers and chips,
you drank liters and liters of beer
but in fact, you gave us much more than money,
you gave a spirit to the place.

You were full of sound and joy, bound together like a rock
but I saw you cry that unlikely night
when one of you met this murderous car
facing his destiny in the empty streets of a lifeless country
tired of a world wide dictatorship.

I won’t forget how you stood together that day,
eating in a religious silence
and from your thoughts and from our burning candles
this nightmare slowly turned into a miracle,
Adam was safe.

Soon, you will be gone with the wind,
You will dissappear as magically as you appeared
but I promise :

Sometimes, we will let the beer on tap
flow down all over the place
we will wear our scaphander
and jump from the top of our food truck
to dive with you.

We will dive between chips, codballs, basket balls and guitars
singing to the sound of the beattles, having fun
laughing and pushing forward the hard time to come.

You, divers, part of the oceans and seas
thank-you for bringing us that raw energy you have
and remember that love is all you need
and let it be!

Sophie Lamouroux
Fécamp, 9 juillet 2021

photo: Special thanks to Nadia, Memnoukia, Lawrence, George, Jack, Bob, Jeff, Paulo, Marco, Sylvio
Auguste, Léo, Sophie, Philippe, Dave and Markus.


Copyright © 2021 Sophie Lamouroux, tous droits réservés / all rights reserved